The Victorian Desalination Plant is a part of Victoria's water system,supplying water via a series of existing and proposed pipelines. The plant provides up to 150 gigalitres of additional water per year. It comprises 29 buildings including the reverse osmosis building, the heart of the VDP.
Sika supplied green roofing system for this project in 2011.

Project Requirements

The project required to have a complete peace of mind Waterproofing/Roofing membrane for the saturated environment of an Extensive Greenroof. The light weight structural ply substrate over 4 stories high, had to be protected quickly. Other problems to be considered in the projects are huge movement potential from kilometres of joints, meter deep walk in box gutters, fall arrest systems, irrigation, and netting ties which all had to work in harmony without failure.

Sika Solutions

The Sika Sarnafil® ‘G series’ polymeric sheet membrane ticked all the boxes, from total root resistance to an integrated leak detection system from ILD Sika Sarnafil® ’s proven performance worldwide for over 50 years is without peer and the total systemic approach left no other viable option.

With technical support and training on site for the installation crews and engineers, state of the art equipment and testing made for a smooth installation. Fytogreen followed behind with their proven Green Roof buildup system, including the plants sourced and propagated from the indigenous plants found nearby in the dune ecosystems.

Products Used

Sarnafil® G410-20L Felt
Sarnafil® G410-20
Sarnacol® 2142S
Sarnacol® 2170

Project Participants

Project Owner
Victorian Government

ARM Architecture and peckvonhartel

Engineer Consultancy

Thiesse Degremont / Fytogreen Greenroofs

Sika Organization

Sika Australia