Sika is a protected and copyrighted brand. To use Sika® brand in Cambodia, you need authorization from Sika® Cambodia Marketing Department. Our dedicated team would be happy to support you, and provide you any artwork that you would need.

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Sika logo

There are 3 types of logos: landscape logo, portrait logo, simple logo.
Sika recommend the use of landscape logo. Landscape logo should always be placed at the bottom-right corner. If it cannot be placed at bottom-right corner, it should always be on top-right corner.
Portrait logo and simple logo are used when there is a lack of space, or for social medias profile pictures.
All logos have a protective field (blue square below): a space that needs to remain free, no design element can be put in this area.

Landscape logo

Portrait logo

Simple logo

Sika color

Sika® logo use Red and Yellow specific colors. Details are to be found below:

Sika Red
Pantone: 1795 C
CMYK: 0/100/100/0
Lab: 48/66/46
sRGB: 216/40/47
HEX: #D8282F
RAL: 3020

Sika Yellow
Pantone: 7409 C
CMYK: 0/37/96/0
Lab: 78/17/74
sRGB: 245/179/37
HEX: #F5B325
RAL: 1003