If you are interested in selling Sika® construction chemicals products, we would be happy to assist you. Here is below the questions/answers to let you understand the process.

How can Sika® Cambodia help me?
Sika® Cambodia can help you to connect with our Distributors. Sika® Cambodia can also help you by recommanding the best selling products and recommended selling price. They can also offer technical service.

Does Sika® sell directly to shops?
Sika® is not selling directly to shops, but through their Distributor network.

Can Sika® Cambodia decorate my shop?

Yes. Sika® Cambodia can help in decorating your shop and improving the branding. It is proven that owner that decorates their shopgain visibility and are selling more that shops without decoration.
However, if Sika® can help with recommandations and designs, it is their Distributors that sponsor the shop decoration with their annual marketing budget. Therefore, we recommend you to have a trusted and loyal relationship with our Distributors® to let them develop your shop.

What can I get to decorate my shop?
Shelves, lightbox, aluminium banner, logo, flags, banners... Contact us to get a form as to know your shop better, then we will
define together our action plan. A Sika® staff shall also visit your shop to understand your needs, then he will check with your Sika Distributor partner how they can sponsor the decoration.

Does Sika® Cambodia will pay for the tax?

No. Sika® Cambodia doesn't pay for the tax as the decoration investment is hundreds or thousands of dollars and shall bring more sales to the shop. So, we expect our valued shop owner customers to also make a small effort.

Kimmeng Shop

Kimmeng Shop
(Distributor: ACET)

Global House

Global House Shop
(Distributor: PBL)

Khmer Builder shop

Khmer Builder shop
(Distributor: Khmer Builder)