What is corrosion?
It is the irreversible damage or destruction of living tissue or material due to a chemical or electrochemical reaction (from the Latin word corrodes, meaning "to gnaw").
A prime example of corrosion is rusting of iron or steel.

Our Product Range

Concrete Corrosion

Corrosion Protection

Sika corrosion protection coating systems for steel structures have been developed for a wide range of application fields:

  • Traffic construction and infrastructure, e.g. bridges, airports and railway stations
  • Interior and exterior steel structures, exposed to various environmental conditions
  • Hydraulic steel structures
  • Internal linings for tanks, vessels and pipework
  • Wind energy turbines, onshore and offshore
  • Power supply, e.g. power stations, pipelines or transmission towers
  • Chemical industry

    Each of these application fields has specific requirements in terms of mechanical and chemical resistance, temperature shock resistance, UV-resistance, design and surface preparation.

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