Sealing and Bonding

Joint Sealing

Sika provides a full range of elastic joint sealants for buildings and civil engineering structures.  Our current product range has been adapted for a range of applications based on more than 60 years experience.  Sika supplies joint sealing solutions not only for facades with high movement capacity and UV resistance, but also for floors in traffic areas with chemical and mechanical resistance.  Sika also has long experience with joint sealants in sewerage systems which need to be specially formulated for maximum resistance to chemicals, micro-organisms, mechanical pressure, abrasion, etc...

Bonding in interior Finishing

Sika can provide the optimum bonding solutions for interior finishing which meet all of the design and performance specifications in full. We work in close collaboration with architects, engineers and specialist contractors to achieve this and bonding is often a better alternative to conventional screwing and nailing for many reasons. With Sika’s extensive product range, the right solution can be provided for almost any bonding requirement during the finishing phase.

Sika® Firesil

Sika® Firestop

Sikaflex® -11FC

Fast curing one part polyurethane sealant and adhesive

Sikaflex® Construction (AP)

One part polyurethane sealant for building joints

Sika® Primer -3N

Primer for Sikaflex joint sealant

Sika® Multiseal®

Tearproof and self-adhesive bituminous sealing tape

Sika Boom® AP/ FR (Fire Rated)

Multi-position, high expansive fixing foam

Sika® Backing Rod

Sealants back-up material